Please read this before using any of the information found on this site, especially the patterns:

While every effort has been made to exclude any dangerous moves and information from this website (www.turnstep.com), some may still cause you harm. Please use common sense and remember that not all moves are suitable for all people.

Before starting any exercise program, please see your physician or health care professional first.

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The patterns are primarily for aerobics instructors; whether you are an instructor or not, please use common sense and exercise care when trying out these patterns.

Some patterns may contain moves that are not approved of by certain sources, such as Reebok, AFAA, etc. What some may consider dangerous or unwise, others may not. Therefore, feel free to not use part or all of any patterns which have moves you do not feel safe doing. Specifically, any step aerobic moves that require you to step backwards onto the step are strongly discouraged and should not be submitted, nor tried, by most (if not all) people.

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