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17154 patterns from 92 countries - latest added is from March 29, 2011
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Welcome to our three newest countries to contribute patterns - Lesotho, The Bahamas, and Indonesia!

RSS feed for patterns:
March 29 [Other] Soccer Dribble Suicides Boot Camp
March 28 [Other] Bootcamp cardio 25 minute routine
March 21 Cycling Put a Reggae Spin on it
March 16 [Other] Add It On! (Boot Camp)
Step 1/2 L Across The Top
March 14 Cycling Pyramid
Cycling Let the bodies hit the floor!
Step Quick Double Kick with Syncopation
March 6 Aquatic Aqua Oblique Workout with Noodle/2 Weights/Wall/Stretch
February 28 Step Intermediate 001
February 23 Cycling Spin 10
Cycling Spin 9
February 19 Step Movin' it
February 17 Body Sculpting Full body workout, with weights
February 14 Abs Lunch Abs Class
February 13 Warmup Basic Warm Up for All!
February 8 [Other] Tough but simple
January 20 Cycling Monday Night Sweat
Hi/Lo Kauai Dance January 2011
January 19 Step OH MY!!! This is so much fun!!!!!
January 18 Hi/Lo Fun with V-steps
January 16 Aquatic Equipment Challenge
January 6 Cycling Ten Tens
Cycling Simon Says
Cycling Follow the Leader
Cycling Rock Paper Scissors
Body Sculpting Smart Bells
Abs Chiseled 6-Pack abs
December 30 [Other] Walk the Plank
December 27 Aquatic Jacks and Kicks
December 22 Aquatic Fitness Games
December 13 Step Not you average step. More. Super step cardio. Power it up
December 12 [Other] 12 Days of Christmas Bootcamp
December 9 Step Tap, Tap, Tap
December 4 Step Basic Cardio Step Patterns
November 26 Hi/Lo Aerobic patterns with plenty of turns and a salsa twist!
November 20 BoxAerobics Bag Combination
November 16 Cycling Work Your Butt Off :)
November 11 Body Sculpting Weight On; Weight Off
November 10 Cycling Interval Intensity
November 9 Cycling My next class
November 1 Step Figure Eights
October 31 [Other] Bootcamp Interval
October 18 Aquatic Jess's Aqua
Step Speed Skate Around the Board
October 7 Hi/Lo Fun with Boxes
September 25 Step Jumo Jump
September 23 Abs 30 Minute Core to the max
Abs 10 minute Core Challenge
Step Not your average step
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